Jim Benton - Mobile Notary Public

I provide a wide variety of services as a Mobile Notary Public and Mobile Signing Agent.  From notarizing structured settlement agreements to formalizing legal documents to performing real estate loan signings.  I come to you in order to save you time and to allow you to focus on doing the things you need to do.

notarize legal documents

I regularly notarize Grant, Quit Claim and Warranty Deeds, Debt Settlements, Occupancy Affidavits, Compliance Agreements, Owner's Affidavits, Powers of Attorney, Proof of Identification Affidavits, Health care Directives, Trusts, Wills, Transfer of Title Documents, Custody Agreements, Adoption Papers and I-9 Forms, or any document that requires notarizing.  I certify copies of documents where allowable.  

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I  provide mobile notary public and mobile signing agent services to attorneys, real estate companies, title agencies, lenders, financial institutions, insurance companies, and medical practices.  I can travel to your client's home or office, or to their hotel, hospital, or nursing home or anywhere a notary is needed.

Mortgage Signings

With my mortgage lending experience and after successfully completing thousands of real estate settlements and loan signings I believe I have  earned the right to refer to myself as the most experienced traveling mortgage singing agent in the Maryland/Virginia area.
Buying and refinancing a home are for most people the largest financial transactions they will ever make.

I Believe clients are entitled to absolute honesty, integrity and “World Class Service”.
About 30 years ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a couple of fine real estate attorneys.   Practicing as a mortgage banker,  I began referring my borrowers to them.   I found that my clients left their office feeling refreshed rather than feeling like they had been raked  over the coals like they would have been at so many other offices.
These attorneys were so popular that in short order they combined forces with a couple of other well respected real estate attorneys and began operating one of the largest and most sought after real estate settlement firms in the area.  It is these attorneys that I emulate as a signing agent.
This brings me to what I am seeing today with remote closings.
I see all too often signing referral agencies hiring the worst possible Mobile Notary Publics and Signing Agents  to conduct their closings because they work cheap.  I hear from folks about Notary Publics and Signing Agents who, if they show up at all, are hours late.  They don’t understand the documents and they are not prepared to explain them.  They simply shove the papers in front of borrowers and tell them “Sign Here”.  Their appearance is less than acceptable.  Their actions are far from professional yet they are hired time after time.
This is not a business that should be performed “on the cheap”.  Only the most professional Attorneys or  Signing Agents should be providing these services. 
A professional  Signing Agent may charge a bit more than others but in my case, at least,  I take pride in delivering unmatched service combined with absolute honesty and integrity.  I am also am prepared with the knowledge of having over 33 years  experience as a Mortgage Banker, Real Estate Broker, Certified Residential Appraiser and Title Insurance Producer.

There are a lot of drones out there today with a notary stamp and many of them are willing work cheap. However, who do you want to conduct your closings, a drone with a notary stamp or a seasoned mortgage professional and Notary Public?

Shouldn’t it be done right the first time?  Shouldn’t clients receive top notch professional service?
J T Benton Consulting will ensure that it is done right the first time, on time.  I look forward to working with you.

My hours are flexible.  This includes evenings, weekends and holidays.

 All of my work is guaranteed.
Redo or Refund - Your Choice

The State of Maryland requires that in order to legally close a mortgage loan, one must hold a Title Insurance Producer License.